As a school represented by nearly one hundred different churches, LCS students have the opportunity to experience and learn about a variety of different worship styles and traditions through community and chapel worship at school.

At LCS, we believe we have a unique opportunity to equip and train students to lead worship as part of their school experience, with the goal of preparing students to lead worship in their churches and in their communities.

Equipping students to lead worship well requires time and practice. As part of the middle and high school chapel program, students are invited to participate in teams that spend time learning music and practicing worship leading skills with the support of designated upper classmen, LCS faculty, and expertise from the broader church community and Christian colleges. The result is student teams that are ready to lead their peers in a manner that points to Jesus and invites wholehearted participation from the student body.

As one LCS middle school student says, “I am so excited to help lead worship and I am glad I decided to join a worship team. I want to learn how to lead in a new way.”

Many of these students also participate in worship teams in their churches and many LCS alumni are now participating in leading worship in their colleges and churches after high school.

by Wendy Hofman, Head of School