Drop Off

  • 7:45-8:00 AM – Elementary School
  • 8:00- 8:10 AM – Middle School
  • 8:10-8:20 AM – High School

Multiple entry points will be used to control crowding during drop-off times. Students will receive information regarding their assigned entry door closer to the start of school. Parents will utilize the drop-off lanes in the elementary parking lot and remain in their vehicles. Once students arrive, they must go directly to their classrooms. Older siblings may drop off younger siblings at the entrance to their hallway and then must go immediately to their first block class. We are asking parents not to drop off students prior to 7:45 AM. Once the school day starts all entrances will be locked and students will only be allowed to enter through the elementary entrance.

Parents of preschoolers will walk their students to the preschool door between 7:45-8:05 AM. Preschool students will be met at the door and escorted into the classroom by a preschool staff member. We are asking that parents not enter the building or classrooms. We know this is different than past practices, but we will utilize our staff to guide these students during this transition into school. 

Pick Up

  • 2:40 PM – Dismissal for High School Students
  • 2:50 PM – Dismissal for Middle School Students
  • 3:00 PM – Dismissal for Elementary Students

Multiple doors will be used to control crowding during pick-up times. Parents must utilize the drop-off lanes in the elementary parking lot and remain in their vehicles. Students must immediately leave the school upon dismissal. All common areas and the cafeteria will be closed. Students may not use the playground equipment after school.

Older children will be able to meet younger siblings in the commons to take them home or to escort them out to the pick-up lanes. If a middle school or high school student is picking up a sibling, they must stay in their last block class until 3:00 when they can pick up their sibling.

Re-entry into the building after dismissal is discouraged.  If someone needs to get back into the building after dismissal, please call the office to arrange for re-entry.


Teachers will ensure that students maintain increased spacing in lines as they move through hallways.  As much as possible, schedules and procedures will be planned to prevent classes from crossing each other in the hallways. Lanes will be created with tape to help direct traffic and maintain physical distancing.

Classroom Seating and Lockers

Desks and chairs will be separated around classrooms to accommodate physical distancing. Students will have staggered access to their lockers.


An elementary student’s classroom will become their cohort. Interactions across cohorts will be limited to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and limit the impact should a positive case arise.

Face Coverings

Students will be required to wear facial coverings when entering or exiting the building, when in common spaces of the building (commons, restrooms, offices, etc.) and when activities do not allow for physical distancing. Facial coverings will not be required when students are outside, at recess, or as long as they remain physically distant in their cohort group. According to Michigan’s Safe Start School Roadmap face shields are not an acceptable substitute for masks.

Parents of students who are unable to wear a mask due to a documented reason should contact Elementary Principal, Sheila Dykstra at sdykstra@lansingchristianschool.org.

School Supplies

Children will have their own school supplies and will be asked not to share them.

Restrooms and Drinking Fountains

Lower elementary students will use the restroom in their classrooms. Upper elementary students will have staggered breaks in which to use the restroom. The number of students permitted in the restrooms at once will be limited to accommodate physical distancing and entrance doors will be kept propped open. Drinking fountains will be turned off, but students are encouraged to use the bottle fillers or classroom sinks. 


Elementary students will eat lunch in their classrooms or outdoors (exceptions will be made if a severe allergy is present in a cohort). Individually packaged lunches will be available for purchase from the cafeteria and will be delivered to the classrooms.


There will be recess, as well as additional use of outdoor spaces throughout the day. Recess will be staggered by grade level. Cohorts within a grade will remain separated outside and will rotate days they play on the soccer field or the black top/climber. There will be increased supervision on the playground and increased hygiene practices will be practiced before and after recess.


Worship is an important part of our community at Lansing Christian School. Chapel will continue to be led by a specific group of students physically distant and livestreamed into classrooms throughout the school. 


Spanish, music, and art teachers will travel to each separate classroom. PE classes will be held outside at every opportunity, and all equipment will be sanitized after use. 

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning on our beautiful and expansive campus will be encouraged at every opportunity.

Parents and Visitors

Parents and visitors will only be allowed into the building for critical needs and the visit should be pre-approved prior to arrival, if possible. All visitors without prior approval should dial the main line (517-882-5779) before entering the building. All visitors must wear a facial covering and go through a health screening procedure that includes a temperature check. 

Items for drop-off may be left in the airlock area of the Elementary entrance (the space between the two sets of doors), near the Welcome Center desk. 

After School

After Care is suspended for 2020-2021 due to prioritizing the implementation of cohorts as a mitigation strategy. The media center, commons, and cafeteria will be closed after school and students will not be able to remain in the building past dismissal time. Families are asked not to use the playground equipment after school to maintain required cleaning and distancing protocols.


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