How will remote learning be different from spring 2020?

  • With greater opportunity to prepare and support students and families in advance, there will be more streamlined practices and clarity of communication with remote learning in 2020-2021.
  • Teachers have been and will continue to receive ongoing, focused training in remote learning tools and best practices. This year offers opportunities to prepare remote learning lessons and activities in advance.
  • All teachers will use one of two learning platforms.
  • There will be greater accountability and expectations for participation and engagement.

What learning platforms will teachers and students use? 

  • Teachers and students in grades PreK-3 will use Seesaw.
  • Teachers and students in grades 4-12 will use Google Classroom.
  • These platforms will be used for in-person and remote learning starting at the beginning of the school year so that students, families, and teachers will be familiar and comfortable with these tools. This will allow for more seamless transitions between in-class and remote learning as needed.
  • All learning and content will be managed by students’ LCS teachers (not a 3rd-party provider).
  • We will continue to use Skyward for attendance and grading.

Is attendance in online lessons or class meetings required?

  • Our absence policy in the LCS handbook will apply to required remote learning lessons and meetings. The policy accommodates illness and other circumstances.

What are the daily and weekly expectations for students during remote learning?

  • There will be significantly more synchronous (live) instruction during remote learning when in-person instruction is also taking place. Specific expectations will be at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Students joining remotely will be expected to view and/or participate in lessons according to the schedule provided by teachers. Some assignments and other activities may be asynchronous, where students can complete the work around their schedule.
  • Secondary students should plan to engage in learning during normal school hours, even if it is necessary for the whole school to move to remote learning.
  • All students should plan to engage in learning with their classroom teacher every day, with specific times determined by the school schedule at the beginning of the school year.

Would remote learning assignments be required and graded? Would remote learning count on report cards (and G.P.A.s for high school students)? 

  • Yes, all remote learning assignments will be required, graded, and reported in final report card grades. In the case that individual students are working remotely, their teachers will work with them to identify required work and assessments. If all students are learning remotely, all assigned work will count toward student grades, which will appear on report cards and transcripts.

What services or additional support is available to students who have individual learning needs or struggle with remote learning?

  • Students who work with the Academic Support Center will continue to meet with ASC staff and receive accommodations and support.

What if our family needs additional technology resources or support?

  • The school can lend devices to students in preschool through 5th grade who will be learning remotely for an extended period of time. All students in grades 6-12 should have a school-issued iPad or their own laptop through our bring-your-own-device program.
  • Families should plan to make arrangements in advance to ensure necessary connectivity in the case that students move to remote learning.

How can I give feedback to the school about how remote learning is going, or share suggestions and questions?

  • We plan to implement ongoing, systematic feedback on a regular basis throughout the school year.


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