Thank you to the more than 200 families who responded to our recent LCS Connects Family Feedback Survey. Below is a summary of the results.

Some positive take-aways from the survey responses include:

  • 100% of LCS families agreed that LCS is following health and safety protocols.
  • 99.5 % of families agreed that their student’s learning needs are being supported by the teachers and staff at LCS.
  • 97.5% percent of families are confident that their children’s social-emotional and spiritual needs are being met at LCS.
  • 95.5% of families communicated that the new drop-off and pick-up procedures are clear and efficient.

A few areas that we will seek to improve based on LCS family feedback:

  • Design more frequent opportunities for middle school students to move more during the school day.
  • Continue working with students to implement 2020-2021 safety practices at school.
  • Streamline the use of multiple platforms used in middle and high school. For support with Skyward, Seesaw, and Google Classroom, see the LCS Parent Help Desk.

A sampling of parent comments:

“I’m so thankful for all of the teachers and staff and their willingness to think creatively and to adapt to the new schedule and routines of school. My kids most often talk about how they are enjoying school and are so thankful to be able to go to school in person. I know this is a huge effort.”

“Teachers are doing a fantastic job. The office staff and nurses have handled things very well. I feel that LCS is one of the most organized and efficient at balancing COVID concerns and education in the area. That may be because of small class sizes, but I am continually impressed at your effective use of resources. I am happy with my decision to move my children to LCS this year.”

“We are so grateful to be back in-person. We are confident the school is doing everything possible to keep our kids physically and emotionally healthy.”

 “The relationships being built between my daughters and their teachers is very evident. They love their teachers!!”

“We are very happy LCS is in-person this year. Makes all the difference emotionally and mentally for my teenager.”

 “It is very clear that the teachers and staff of LCS are being incredibly careful to follow all safety guidelines and that the administration is closely monitoring any changes to rules for safety. Our family is very grateful for the LCS community. My children are so excited to go to school each day and I am confident that they will be well taken care of. “Thank you for being such a bright light in the lives of all of our students at LCS!”